Taking care of the pennies with Natwest Rooster Money

NatWest Rooster Money is a prepaid debit card and pocket money app for children; ideal for managing allowances and pocket money for kids aged 3-17.

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The Challenge

NatWest Rooster Money wanted a 'Back to School' campaign to drive trials of their prepaid debit card with pocket money app for children; targeted towards parents across multiple channels.

Although they had strong results with the same campaign in 2022, we were set the task of delivering similar or enhanced results YoY with increased competition, the cost-of-living crisis and growing CPCs in mind.

CPT YoY -26% 01
Group 3 Copy 8 02 Conversion Volume +129%

How we solved it

Using a multi-channel campaign across Meta, Google, Bing, ASA, UAC and Discovery campaigns, we delivered a significant improvement in results YoY.

The multi-channel approach also lead to growth in-brand demand of ~90% YoY, with competitor brands and overall category demand facing a reduction in demand during the same period.

The results

Overall, CPT (Cost Per Trial) improved by 26%, with an increase of 129% in conversion volume and a 26.9% increase in Sign-Ups YoY, despite difficult market conditions.


Conversion Volume YoY


CPT (Cost Per Trial) YoY


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