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Data is the foundation for performance marketing success. Use it to inform decision-making and gain a strategic advantage over your competition. Get better connected and take your performance to new levels.

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Take your business on a journey to full data connectedness. Starting with an initial situation analysis, our data specialists will get you there.

  • Data Roadmap

    Uncover the gaps in your data, and define an action plan to fill them and start your journey to performance.

  • First-Party Data Strategy

    Unlock the power of first-party data. Pinpoint the messaging that resonates with your customers, and use it to grow new audiences.

  • Analysis & Insight

    Extract actionable insight from your data with predictive modelling, LTV analysis, media mix modelling, and real-time insight reporting.

  • Data Connections

    Get connected and unlock your performance potential by combining platforms and data sets with APIs, scripts, and data lakes.

  • Testing & Personalisation

    Discover how data can be used to deliver a better website experience and drive improved performance.

  • Data Assurance

    Achieve full data compliance, including appropriate permissions, secure data collection and storage, and privacy policy adherence.


The Adapt Approach to Data Strategy

Data is the foundation that all our services are built upon. Your data journey starts in the same way; with an understanding of your existing data, and a detailed roadmap to take you all the way to full data connectedness.

  1. Data Discovery

    The starting point for any data project is to understand where you are on your journey. To do that our team will get under the skin of your website analytics, CRM tools, media platforms, and anywhere else you store data.

  2. Data Design

    Once we know what you've got, it's time to define what success looks like. The data design step lets us define what success looks like for you, build a reporting framework that aligns your digital activity with business goals, and create an audience segmentation strategy to make your marketing as relevant as possible to your audience.

  3. Data Delivery

    This is where everything gets connected. Working with our channel specialists, your data design is aligned with your overall digital strategy. And the result is full visibility across all platforms, and the platform you need to achieve the best performance possible.