Google have rolled out a new, potentially game-changing type of ad, unique to the mobile platform.

For a long time now you've been able to include telephone numbers in ads so busy shoppers and potential customers can call you straight from an ad, without having to navigate to your website.

To make it even easier for punters to get hold of you, Google have introduced (and launched) a new type of ad format with a new type of campaign called a Call-only campaign.

The premise is simple; instead of a destination URL and a landing page, searchers can only do one thing: click to call.

Knowing a searcher can only call you and can't navigate to your website means you can tailor your ad copy to make sure they call you, rather than making sure they visit your website (which is the usual goal of a text ad).

Setting up a Call-only ad is really easy:

Click the + Campaign button callonly0Choose "Call-only" as the campaign typecallonly3Give your Ad Group a name and write your first adcallonly2
A verification URL is used to help Google verify that the telephone number you listed is your actual number and a display URL is used to show searchers who you are, though they can't click on the display URL.callonly1

Of course Call-only ads aren't going to be for everyone. If your customers need to go to your website to convert (for example an online shop) you'll probably be better of with a normal text ad. That said, Call-only ads can appear at the same time as Google Shopping image ads. If you're a taxi company, Chinese restaurant or other business that relies on calls you should definitely consider using Call-only ads.

Though like any ad format, you should test to see what works best and at what cost. Some of our clients have started to trial these new ads and we're excited to hear how they perform.

If you want to find out more about Call-only ads you can check out Google's page here or drop us a line where we'd be happy to answer any questions.