Earlier this year we participated in a Google Partners initiative that encouraged agencies to grow business within their local area - aptly named 'Grow Local'. We've always enjoyed working with local businesses (as well as national ones) and we're lucky that the Bath and Bristol area is a hotspot for thriving, ambitious businesses!

The prize (aside from glory!) for the top agency - Search Star! - was a day of treats from the Google Partners team, at our new offices in Bath. We weren't quite sure what to expect, but we knew it would be good...

10am: Google entered the building. First a whole production team with video cameras, then some YouTube people, followed by party bags and lovely people from Google Partners.

11am: After introductions and a bit of a ‘well done’ speech from Google, Adam (the YouTube expert) talked to the team about the latest YouTube innovations that our clients could benefit from. Little did we know, a team of Google fairies (as I like to call them), were busy creating a Grow Local space for us to relax in:GL1Set-up complete!

1pm: After an information-packed couple of hours, the team were ready for lunch!

A spread straight from a farmer’s market was waiting for us; fresh juices, home-made cakes, brightly coloured fruit and veg, as well as the obligatory sandwiches and savoury nibbles!GL2

The first Search Star picnic in our new office, thanks to Google

2pm: While our backs were turned and we were distracted by mountains of food, Google added another treat for us. An on-site massage therapist appeared!GL3

Fergal looking relaxed…

3pm: Half the office are in a slightly snoozy state after the best 15-minute massage of their lives! It’s gone uncharacteristically quiet…

4pm: We’ve had the video crew filming background shots all day, now it’s time for interviews with the team! GL4

No pressure - what did you think of the day?

5pm: The day is done, apart from some cheers and congratulatory bubbles! Great day team, and a big thanks to Google for spoiling us!GL5Go team! We could get used to Prosecco while we work!GL6A huge thanks to Google Partners for their efforts and treats today! And a big well done to the team for spreading the love, locally!