DoubleClick has announced a series of changes being launched over the next month. Here's a quick run down of the essential changes you'll need to make:

  1. All creative must be SSL compliant by 1st June or they won’t run
  2. Improved creative workflow
  3. Viewablility targeting has been introduced for video
  4. Flash creatives are now automatically converted to HTML5 backups
  5. A new deals trouble shooter has been introduced
SSL Compliant AdsIf you have an advertiser running Flash/HTML5 ads, they must be SSL compliant by the 1st June or they will not run. Google now uses HTTPS as a ranking signal therefore the creatives a publisher has on their page need to be secure as well or the whole page will be insecure by default. It makes no difference if your advertisers landing page is HTTPS, the important thing is that the web services used within the creative are secure.More info is available from Google.Improved Creative WorkflowIf you check your creatives in DBM you will notice lots of your creatives will have alerts alongside them saying they are non-compliant.This is because they are not SSL compliant or they have some other issue. The improved creative workflow will eventually provide a more detailed analysis of what is actually wrong with your creative so you can feed it back to the designer that built them.Viewability TargetingIn Bid Manager, your line items can target inventory based on how viewable a given impression is likely to be. Predicted viewability is powered by a machine learning algorithm and these percentages are directly related to how viewable each impression you bid on is likely to be. For instance, if you want to bid only on impressions that are at least 50% likely to be viewable, select a predicted viewability setting of "50% or greater".Impressions that are very likely to be viewable are a relatively small subset of all inventory that's available in the RTB exchanges. Because of this, if you target impressions with a high predicted viewability, fewer impressions will match your targeting. To make this work you need lots of inventory and budget.Conversion of Flash to HTML5Ordinarily, Flash creatives in Bid Manager aren't eligible to serve to mobile inventory, since most mobile environments don't support Flash. However, Bid Manager now has the ability to convert Flash assets to HTML5, which makes it possible for you to target mobile environments with your converted creatives. When you upload a Flash creative into Bid Manager, it will automatically transcode the Flash asset into an HTML5 version and add it to your creative. Now your creative will have two assets: a Flash asset and an equivalent HTML5 asset. The resulting Flash/HTML5 creative will be eligible to bid on mobile inventory.The best practices for using Flash/HTML5 creatives to maximize your mobile reach are:
  • Target all environments (or, at least, all mobile environments)
  • Make sure your original creatives' dimensions work on various screen sizes. For instance, 300×250 creatives can run on tablets, desktops, and smartphones, but some other common mobile creative dimensions include 320×50 smartphone banners, 320×100 large mobile banners, 200×200 small squares, and 250×250 squares
Deals Trouble shooterIf you buy private deals through DoubleClick Bid Manager, you may have had problems working out why some publishers weren’t serving your ads. The new deals trouble-shooter gives more feedback on what’s going wrong.