Some things in life are best left to the professionals. Dentistry, nuclear fission and air traffic control are all examples of activities that should always be handled by a qualified individual – or at the very least, a talented actor. But despite what you may have heard, PPC, for all its confusing acronyms and industry jargon, is not one of them.For one thing, not every business needs an agency. That might sound like crazy talk coming from, you know, a PPC agency, but it’s true. If you’re a one-man-band or you simply don’t have the advertising budget to justify the cost of an agency, then in-house PPC management could be the way to go. We’re hardly ones to talk ourselves out of an opportunity, but at the same time, we’d never offer our services to a business that didn’t need it or couldn't justify it.Of course, we’d also never advise attempting to manage your own PPC without guidance from a seasoned professional – at least in the beginning. To the uninitiated, paid search marketing can be a confusing, frustrating and costly business.Even if you do outsource your PPC, knowing how it all works and getting a handle on the jargon will give you a real ace up your sleeve if your agency ever tries to blind you with science or they’re failing to keep their side of the bargain. And hey, if you find that you could actually do a better job of it yourself, then so much the better. The cost of a training day now could save you months or even years of fees from a sub-par agency – and the sad fact is, there are unscrupulous firms out there who will set up your AdWords account, switch on automatic bidding and then congratulate themselves on a job well done, collecting a tidy monthly management fee while your campaigns run themselves into the ground. And that really gets our goat.See, at Search Star, we’re all about transparency. Demystifying the often murky world of PPC is one of our many talents – if we do say so ourselves. That’s why we host comprehensive PPC training days at our lovely offices in central Bath, covering everything from ad copy and keyword strategies to device optimisation and attribution models.For just £395 plus VAT, we’ll guide you through the untamed jungle of biddable media to PPC El Dorado. It’s much cheaper than a real jungle trek, and you’re far less likely to get malaria.Our next training days are taking place in June, and they're filling up fast. To book your place, just call Donna Moore on 01225 583838 or click here for our contact form. And remember: when it comes to PPC, knowledge really is power.