Promoted Tweets can do a lot for your brand awareness. However, they are also becoming increasingly effective for ecommerce and lead generation, delivering tangible results such as visits, leads and sales. In fact, our data shows that using a Website Card drives 43% more engagement.

Twitter Cards are expanded versions of your tweets and work like ad extensions. They make your ad bigger and more attractive, as well as providing additional information about your business.

For ecommerce clients Twitter have created the Website Card, and for lead generation we have the appropriately named Lead Generation Card

Website Cards

Website Cards are aimed at increasing website traffic and ultimately conversions.

To create a Website Card, three elements are required:

  • An image
  • Introductory text to tell people what you’re all about
  • A clear call to action
This information is designed to give the user an insight into your website in just a quick glance, and the format enables users to easily interact with interesting content on your site.To use a Website Card you can either:
  • go to the Cards section under the Creative tab
  • create a campaign and select the objective website clicks or conversions and you’ll automatically be given the template for a Website Card when composing your Tweet
Don’t forget to tag up the URLs in your Website Cards with utm_source tracking so that you can view the traffic coming from these tweets in Google cardsLead Generation CardsThe Lead Generation Card allows you to capture user data from directly within a Tweet. With just two clicks a user can add their Twitter handle and email address. These fields are automatically populated based on the user's log in details.In a similar way to the Website Card, the Lead Generation Card expands the standard tweet to show engaging content and a call to action. The difference is that the call to action is completely customisable for this Card, not just an option on a drop down list. This enables you to really tailor the ad to your website.The image below illustrates how the Lead Generation Card works:lead gen cards This is a great option if your aim is to collect email addresses of people who are showing an interest in your product or service. A Lead Generation Card campaign could be used to increase newsletter sign ups or to encourage people to join your rewards club.The email addresses that you gather can be sent securely to your CRM system, or exported directly from the Twitter dashboard.

If you’re keen to try Twitter Cards for your business, get in touch and start making the most of your Twitter ads.