Working in Excel? Want to put in today’s date and/or time, read on!NB: The date and time that are used are taken from the computer's system clock.For static values (just a typing short-cut):Current Date: Press CTRL +; (semi-colon)Current Time (on it’s own): Press CTRL + SHIFT +; (semi-colon)Current Date + Time: Press CTRL+; (semi-colon), then press SPACE, and then press CTRL+SHIFT+; (semi-colon)For date/time whose value is updatedYou'll need to type a function into the cell where you want the value to appear.The formula is:Today’s date =TODAY()Current date + time =NOW()NB: Cells that contain these functions are not updated continuously. If you want to update them manually, select the cell and press the F9 function key. They will also update using macros and recalculating the worksheet.