Dynamic Remarketing is a feature in AdWords where your ads get automatically tailored to a user depending on the products/services they have been looking at on your site. Most ecommerce clients will be using this and if not, they should be.

Results of course vary but typically dynamic remarketing benefits from increased Conv %, ROI and CTR%. All very positive so naturally Facebook wanted in and earlier this year they launched their own version called ‘Dynamic Product Ads’.

You can choose to show regular Facebook Link ads or the Multi Product Image (Carousel) Ads.


Before you start setting this up there are two things you need - a compatible product feed and a Facebook Business Manager account.

Product Feed: Most product feeds should already be compatible but listed below are the required fields for your feed to be eligible:

  • id
  • condition
  • description
  • image_link
  • link
  • title
  • price
  • gtin, mpn or brand
  • availability

For more information about the product feed please refer to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/marketing-api/dynamic-product-ads/product-catalog

Business Manager Account: You can only upload a product catalogue through a business manager account. Go to https://business.facebook.com/create if you don’t already have an account and follow the outlined steps.

Setting up Dynamic Product Ads

The steps for creating a Dynamic ad are:

  1. Create a Product Catalog
  2. Create and Schedule a Product Feed
  3. Create a Product Set
  4. Set up your Custom Audience Pixelor App Events
  5. Create a Product Audience
  6. Create a Dynamic Ad Template
  7. Create a Dynamic Ad Group
  8. Fetch per product ad statistics

The above set up steps are taken from Facebook’s own guide (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/marketing-api... ) but if you would more information or want to start running Adwords Dynamic Remarketing or Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads, feel free to get in touch!