When Google launched Adwords Editor 11 last year, it was a welcome upgrade to V 10, despite the moans and groans of some account managers reluctant to make the change. However one major addition that was absent was the support for label management.Google's latest update has finally brought support for labels to the comfort of desktops. Whilst labels can't be created or deleted, they can be applied to multiple campaigns, ad groups and keywords:labels-adwords-editor Other updates include:Upgraded URL ManagementYou can now create & manage your final URL and tracking parameters by clicking on the URL options tab:final-url-adwordsMobile App TargetingUnder Keywords and Targeting, you can now select mobile app placements (postitive & negative), and app categories to targetmobile-app-targetingOther addtions include...Call only ads - create and edit these directly in editorMobile version targeting - rather than just targeting a specific OS, you can now target a version of each OSMulti-Language spell check - as it says, the ability to download language packs to spell check in multiple languagesSearch improvements - search editor with multiple search terms in one search box, as well as searching by image to display all ads currently using that imageDownloadThe update is now available to download by either restarting your Adwords editor, or downloading directly from Google.