...they would probably look a lot like ours. Last year we were lucky enough to have our Christmas party in Marrakech and whilst some of us cycled down mountains looking at breath-taking views, the rest learnt to cook the tastiest tagine fathomable. So how on earth could we top that this year? New York, Paris or Barcelona maybe?? No, we didn’t need to venture far this year because right on our doorstep (well two hours away from our doorstep actually but you get the idea) we have….. The Brecon Beacons. Now, I understand there is a chance that some of you might be a little underwhelmed by this but quite frankly, you’re wrong. It really did top last year and let me show you why.

Day 1

White Water Rafting and High Rope Course

Night 1

Come dine with me’ – TEAM 1 hosted a fantastic Spanish themed night along with tapas & Paella, Piñata & a lot of Sangria. A recipe for success.

How the evening began...

How the evening ended…

Day 2

Mountain Biking, Cycling & Clay pigeon shooting (we learnt that Vicky and Mike have some worryingly precise shooting skills)

Night 2

‘Come dine with me’ – TEAM 2 hosted an incredible Thai themed night. Not only did we get treated to a lovely Thai green curry, we also learnt origami & were constantly plied with delicious cocktails. What more could you want? Oh…. and the fortune cookies determined that Dan had to do the Chubby Bunny challenge which made for spectacular viewing.

Day 3

A walk around and behind the spectacular waterfalls in ‘Waterfall Country’

Night 3

Home, Sleep and recover ready for work in the morning :)

Keep tuned for 365 days to find out the crazy shenanigans of next year’s Christmas Party.

Merry Christmas boys and girls!