I woke up this Monday morning with the peculiar sensation that something was missing. Intrigued and slightly alarmed, I patted myself down and, reassured that no appendages had dropped off during the night, carried on with my morning routine. It was only once I’d stepped off the 8:37 to Bath and arrived at the door of Search Star HQ that I realized what had changed: as if by magic, the claustrophobic, suffocating sense of foreboding that had reared its ugly head on every Monday morning of my working life…was gone. It had disappeared. As a matter of fact, I was actually looking forward to going to work.

But then again, who wouldn’t? After all, I’m now lucky enough to share an office with a crack team of digital marketing whizz kids whose PPC knowledge is surpassed only by their tea-making ability and sheer, unalloyed niceness. There’s usually one person in any organisation who tends to rub people up the wrong way – but not here. Unless, of course, that person is me, but if that’s the case, my colleagues are just too darned nice to say so. These good eggs expertly manage accounts for a wonderfully diverse portfolio of clients, including ethical banks, cruise operators, charities, recruitment agencies, fashion labels, solicitors, cleaners, airports, estate agents, stationers, and many, many more; from artificial grass to artificial limbs, Search Star have seen it all.

Then there’s the location, right in the heart of beautiful, historic Bath, where a lunchtime wander can feel like a magical journey back to the Georgian era (only with less cholera). And let’s not forget the free pastries – yes, free pastries – from the celebrated Bertinet Bakery every Friday morning. Oh, and free fruit, if that’s your thing. And of course there’s the free gym membership which, admittedly, I’ve yet to take advantage of, although it’s nice to know it’s there should the unthinkable happen and I actually decide to get in shape.

Thanks to regular company updates from the management team, the office culture is one of transparency and openness, and I’ve come to believe that Dan is working on the simple (but all-too-often overlooked) premise that happy people do good work. And I think he just might be onto something.

Of course, there’s always a honeymoon period when you start a new job, but in my experience the rose-tinted spectacles tend to come off at around the fortnight mark (a phenomenon that I’ve just this minute decided to call ‘the two-week itch’) – but not so with Search Star. I believe the technical term is ‘job satisfaction’ – yes, it does exist, and it’s alive and well in Bath.

Jealous much? Well, the good news is, we’re hiring. If you’re a bright, ambitious graduate or a seasoned Account Manager looking for a new challenge, consider a career at Search Star, and you could be as smug as me, send your CV into hello@search-star.co.uk