Google recently launched structured snippet ad extensions which allow you to highlight product or service information in your ads which you think the user might find useful and subsequently make your ad more relevant. This can include amenities or services you offer, destinations the user can travel to, brands you sell or the styles of your products, as well as many others. As with the other ad extensions currently available, their inclusion should improve the performance of your ad and are a factor in the calculation of ad rank. In Google’s example below, they are utilising the Styles structured snippet to highlight the different styles of boots they sell:


You’ll need to add at least three snippets for your structured snippets to show on your ads (although four snippets are recommended by Google) and the character limit is the same as sitelinks at 25 characters. If you’re already running callout extensions, you need to ensure that you’re not repeating your messaging to take full advantage of both types of extensions.

To create your structured snippets, navigate to Ad Extensions and select Structured snippet extensions. Here you can select the type of structured snippet you would like to use and add the values which will show in your ad. You can select your mobile preference and set up scheduling if required.


Results with Structured Snippets are very encouraging. For example, ads displaying the Destinations structured snippet have had a 42% higher click-through rate than the average click-through rate for the ad group over the same time period. Considering the small amount of time involved in setting up these structured snippets and the results I’ve seen across my clients so far, I can safely say that they are worth the hype and I would definitely recommend adding them to your accounts where applicable!