Wide-eyed and optimistic I waited outside an impressive looking Georgian building, excited to start my first day with Search Star. As a believer that it’s the people that make somewhere, I knew I was off to a good start when I was greeted by a friendly Search Star employee and shown to my new desk, where I was immediately welcomed and made to feel at home by all my new colleagues.

Despite starting during a busy week (I’ve since realised they’re all busy weeks!) I was impressed by how calm and collected everyone was. As a newcomer at such a peak time I would have expected just to be given a lot of busywork, but I’ve been kept occupied with a structured schedule. I’ve also attended the most interesting presentation I’ve ever had at work about ‘the internet of things’. Oh, and I’m soon going to be making a visit to the Google offices. It’s an exciting field to be in, it’s constantly changing and every day I seem to be finding out about some clever new tool or development.

There is a definite ethos of respect between Search Star and its employees. The staff are well looked after (including a weekly free lunch, breakfast, fruit and gym pass!) and left to work without an overbearing manager breathing down their necks. In return, it creates a relaxed atmosphere in which everyone is hard working. If you’re enthusiastic and aspirational Search Star will reciprocate and provide you with the opportunity to progress. We’re all encouraged to study for relevant qualifications and set career goals early on.

Another handy perk of the job is having an office in the heart of Bath. While many companies have offices at some business park in the middle of nowhere, Search Star (yet again!) seems to appreciate the value of a good location for its employees. As well as providing an easy commute, being in a town centre has proven incredibly useful to run some of those long outstanding errands I’ve been putting off and helps create a more social work environment where we can easily pop out together for lunch or go for after work drinks.

Search Star has certainly lived up to my expectations - I’m confident that I’ll continue to enjoy my time here and look forward to my future career.