Over the last few months I’ve been asked to present at a variety of events giving an introduction to Conversion Rate optimisation (CRO). The audiences have been varied and have included, amongst others: marketing & media experts, legal professionals & behavioural scientists.

The Slideshare below is the latest version of this presentation, the aim of which is to give a basic overview of what CRO is, along with some advice on where to start a project.

  • I try to cover reasons why CRO is most effective if it is ongoing, methodical and individual
  • I stress that it shouldn’t be copying others, driving volume at the expense of quality or confused with SEO
  • I summarise an approach we use at Search Star to evaluate the effectiveness of a website
  • Plus I demonstrate a few tools that we use to allow us to run effective CRO campaign

Bristol media event cro introduction - july 2015 from Search Star Ltd

If you’re interested in being taken through this in person, give us a call and we’ll put the kettle on.