If the dark evenings are getting the better of you, here's a collection of PPC jokes we've compiled for you to enjoy at your convenience!

1. Knock Knock. Who's there? No one because my average position is 6.9

2. Gatwick Airport called. Conversion rate is down so they're looking for some new landing pages

3. A loft installation company got in touch. They're having problems with conversions

4. Why did the trampoline salesman want to revamp his PPC campaigns? Because they had a high bounce rate

5. I checked into my hotel yesterday evening, and was given the key to room number 404. I couldn't find it.

6. What's a pirate's favourite metric? CT-RRRRRR

7. I settled in really well into my new role at the PPC agency. We just clicked.

8. I saw a really well crafted PPC ad today. It made such a good impression.

9. The Ring Shop called up today. They wanted to pause their PPC campaigns due to low stock as the number of engagements has been so high.

10. We had a request to pause the campaigns on The Bed Shop's account. They were suffering from some downtime.

11. A firelighter went on a date, looking for love. However he went home alone as he couldn't find the right match type.

12. What's the best way to build a comprehensive keyword list? Add Words.

13. Why did Mrs Campaign not receive her parcel as soon as she'd hoped? Because she had chosen the wrong delivery method.

14. How did the pile of coins manage to put together a family tree? They did extensive research into their change history.

15. Why was Mr Match Type feeling so down? Because he was surrounded by so many negative keywords.

16. Why can't PPC managers drive to work? Because they generate so much traffic.

17. Sharon was asked to make a submission for the "best caption competition". However her entry was rejected because it was a poorly structured snippet.

18. Are you an engagement ad? Because I want to hover over you for 3-5 seconds.

And if you're looking for some decent PPC pick up lines...

19. Your CPC must be really low because you're a 10/10.

20. Hey gurl, do you wanna come back to mine to PLA with my dimensions?