Google Tag Assistant has long been helping advertisers have a quick glance into the setup of Google tags deployed on any given website, without having to wait for event tracking or conversion data to push through in Adwords or Analytics. Bing has always been slightly harder to diagnose, and whilst Wasp Inspector has given an insight into all tags on the website (in this instance, allowing you to tell whether or not the Bing tag is actually present), it hasn't given any further detail and is slightly less intuitive than Google's Tag Assistant.

Last week Bing has released their own version of Tag Assistant, called UET Tag Helper. It's a simple Chrome plugin that works very much like Tag Assistant:

This plugin is of course free of charge, and currently only available via the Chrome web store on the link above.

Once added, navigate to the website which you'd like to diagnose the UET tag on, and click the green Tag Helper icon in the top right hand side of your browser. You will then need to flick the "off" switch in the bottom right hand corner to "on", and reload the page. The Tag Helper should then give you a positive or negative diagnosis. In the instance below, the tag has been deployed correctly:

If there are any errors, they will appear in red above and it will walk you through the steps to resolve them. However, I can't comment on this as I've not yet run into any implimentation issues. Bing have also provided an FAQ page for anyone having problems installing or using this tool.