Changing the attribution modelling simply changes how your conversions are attributed to different channels/campaigns etc. AdWords have just enabled advertisers to set how they want their account to attribute conversions.

Below you will see how to navigate to the attribution model for a conversion:

We will now run through what the different attribution models are and in what scenario they would be typically used for your AdWords account.

Last click: Attributes all credit for the conversion to the last-clicked ad/keyword

Good for: When aim is users to take immediate action & there is no consideration time to convert.

First click: Attributes all credit for the conversion to the first-clicked ad/keyword

Good for: When the goal focus is introducing users to your brand. You may have a brand campaign which typically gains credit for conversions but instead you want to optimise for how those converting users initially found you.

Linear: The conversion credit is distributed equally across all clicks on the path.

Good for: Engagement based goals such as a user actively browsing for longer than 10 minutes.

Time decay: Attributes more credit to the ad/keyword clicks that occurred closer in time to the conversion.

Good for: A variety of different goals. This allows you to still optimise to the ad/keywords that are more likely contributing to completing the conversion but doesn’t completely ignore the clicks that have occurred earlier in time.

Position-based: This model allocates 40% of credit to the first and last clicked ads and keywords. The remaining 20% equally split out across the other clicks on the path.

Good for: If you want to reward both the ad/keyword that introduced that user and the last ad/keyword which convinced the user to convert. This model also doesn’t completely ignore all the clicks in between, it just credits those clicks 20% of the conversions between them.

Data-driven (BETA): Uses historic data to distribute the credit for the conversion. (This is only available to accounts with enough data.)

Good for: if you have enough data and trust that the conversion credit will be attributed to what seems to have a bigger impact in getting a user to convert. Data guidelines for this model – You need at least 50,000 clicks and over 800 conversions in the past 30 days.