What are Lead Generation Ads?

Lead generation ads are a great way to reach your target audience & capture data such as name, email and phone number.

You might use this to gather phone numbers for a call-back service, get users to sign up for more information or request something from you such as a price estimate.

The majority of users access social media on mobile devices, so these ads are particularly great for advertisers without a mobile friendly landing page. Users are able to interact directly in the adverts, rather than needing to go through to the website where they are likely to have a poor experience.

The below screenshots show the 3 frames of a lead gen ad:

1. The advert and CTA button

2. The form for users to fill in

3. Confirmation that info has been sent to the advertiser & the option to visit the site

How to create a Lead Generation campaign

Creating the ads is easy. Simply create a Facebook campaign with the Lead Generation objective:

Create your campaign as normal with budgets, targeting, ads etc. and then you’ll be asked to create a Lead Form:

For the form itself, you can choose from a selection of pre-defined user details:

You can then add up to 3 additional questions – there is a pre-defined list, or you can create your own custom questions:

Remember that the aim of this form is to be quick & simplistic for users, so try to keep the number of questions you ask to a minimum. Just focus on 3-5 key pieces of information that you want from your audience.

The results

Once your campaign is live, you need to make sure you’re following up on the leads you’ve collected. You can import your leads directly to your CRM system if you have one of the below integrated platforms:

· Driftrock

· Marketo

· Maropost

· Orcale Marketing Cloud

· Sailthru

· Salesforce

If you have the Facebook API, you can create a custom integration.

Alternatively if you’re not using any of the above CRM platforms and don’t have the Facebook API, you can manually download your leads into a CSV. We’ve found Google Sheets to be an ideal solution for this as the document can be shared between agency & client. To download the leads into a CSV you need Admin access to the relevant Facebook page:

I’ve seen some great results with Lead Generation ads recently, particularly with look-a-like audience targeting:

Let us know if you’re interested in setting up Lead Generation campaigns & we’ll be more than happy to help!