Setting up AdWords Website Call Tracking in Google Tag Manager has historically been a nightmare, but not anymore! Follow the steps below & your AdWords Website Call Tracking will be set up in no time at all.

Before following the AdWords Call Tracking guide below make sure that every instance of the phone number on your website is identically formatted & spaced. Otherwise, pester your techie until they are!

Take a look at the below example:

Consistent - 0800 000 000 | 0800 000 000 | 0800 000 000

Inconsistent - 0800 000000 | (0800) 000 000 | +44800 000 000

Set Up AdWords Call Tracking with Google Tag Manager in 4 Simple Steps.

1. In Google AdWords add a Call Extension for the number listed on your website (again, its format & spacing has to match). Also, make sure that you turn Call Reporting on.

Now you have added your Call Extension, make sure it is associated to all campaigns.

(If your call extension isn’t associated to a particular campaign, your phone numbers will not change for the users that campaign brings to your website).

2. Now, also in Google AdWords, go to Tools, Conversions, +Conversion, Phone Calls & select “Calls to a telephone number on your website”.

After hitting continue, name it & fill in the remaining fields.

On the next page (shown below) enter your phone number to match your Call Extension & website. Then hit Create Tag.

After checking your phone number is in the code, copy the script.

(The Conversion ID & Conversion Label account identifiers have been hidden from the following examples).

3. Now go to your website’s Tags in Google Tag Manager.

Create a new tag & name it. Select the tag type as Custom HTML, paste in your copied snippet & set the trigger to fire on All Pages. Take a look at the below screenshot if you need a hand.

After saving your tag, before you publish it, go to Preview Mode & visit your website.

Firstly, check that the website hasn’t broken. All good? Great. Otherwise don’t publish the container before you fix it!

Next double check in the preview bar that your new tag is firing on all pages.

Nearly there (promise). Using Google Tag Assistant (a Chrome Add On) when the website has loaded, make sure that your tag is showing a green smiley.

Once he/she is happy, leave Google Tag Manager preview mode & publish your container.

4. To test your numbers are now changing, go to Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode & click one of your ads (it is unfortunately the only way!). Every instance of your phone number should now be changed.

I spoke to Google & they recommend calling the forwarding number provided once to confirm it is forwarding the call to the right place & then tracking correctly in your Google AdWords account.

Happy tracking!

If you found the above guide useful or would like further assistance, we would love to hear from you by emailing