Last month, Google updated Structured Snippets to allow a second line of information that can be displayed in text ads.


Providing that the predefined headers are different, both structured snippets of information can be shown within the same ad – though Google has made it clear that each Structured Snippet enters the auction separately. The more Structured Snippets you add, the better Googles auction is at selecting “the best combination of extensions to help improve ad performance”.


With a range of available headers, this new feature is sure to benefit a variety of business, big and small.

For example a travel company may decide to include a list of ‘Destinations’ and ‘Featured Hotels’ – whilst a retail footwear business could highlight a range of ‘Brands’ and ‘Styles’. The extra line of information has provided us with improved click through rates and is sure to help ads stick out a little bit more against the competition.

Read Google’s full blog post here: