A new Google platform YouTube Director Onsite has now launched. This new service provides a great opportunity for small and medium sized business to produce great quality video ads at a relatively low price point of only £350. For many businesses this will turn video advertising from an expensive and unrealistic option, to a workable element of their digital marketing strategy.

What is YouTube Director Onsite?

YouTube Director Onsite is a new service that helps businesses make professional videos. Director Onsite connects you with a trained filmmaker who’ll work with you over the phone to write your video script and then visit your business to shoot and edit your video. Once you approve your finished video, your filmmaker will upload it to your YouTube channel. You then can use the video to create a YouTube campaign and to download off YouTube for other uses. The entire process usually takes a few hours over 2-3 weeks and uses a template-based process.

How Do I Use YouTube Director?

Access YouTube Director here and click Get Started

  1. Plan: Choose a video template to best meet your clients’ needs. You will then be matched with a filmmaker and over a 1 to 2 hour call with you and your client you will create the video script.
  2. Shoot: The filmmaker will go to your client, shoot, edit and deliver the video in the same day.
  3. Advertise: A video specialist will then advise you on setting up your video campaign.

There are many examples on the site to watch, these can help you decide which template would work best for your business or products on offer. Templates range from ‘brand stories’ giving a one minute brand overview, a ‘product highlight’, a 30 second feature on a core product of the brand to a ‘testimonial’, presenting real customer feedback.

Whilst there is no charge for producing the video itself, the content is delivered to clients under one condition, a commitment to spending at least £350 through a YouTube campaign promoting the video. Though compared to average video production costs, this still looks like a good deal. Also worth noting is that the service is currently only available in two locations, London and Manchester, but Google are hoping to roll the program out to further locations in the future.