Google’s 15,000 square foot Digital Innovation Centre, The Foundry, opened its doors to 230 Programmatic specialists (including SearchStar) to host DoubleClick’s exclusive Connect event in Dublin. The event featured a 360-seat auditorium and VR demo arena, making it the perfect setting for the best in the business to ‘connect’.

Some of the most exciting changes were for our eyes only, so you’ll have to watch this space, but one of the connections made at DoubleClick’s Dublin event this year was between Publishers and Advertisers. With a few misconceptions, relationship issues and a reinvention thrown in, here’s their story.

Building Bridges

Publisher and third-party data, despite having very different applications, have often been tarred with the same brush by Advertisers; targeting that offers little transparency, general under-performing and sacrifices accuracy. Until now, Publisher data has been available through ‘Deals’ in the Bid Manager interface but few were thought to utilise it. DoubleClick decided it was time to hear both sides and mend the relationship between Publisher and Advertiser.

Stripping it back to basics, they educated Publishers on Advertisers’ audience-targeting needs, made those Publisher segments available through the new Marketplace function and ensured that new content could be searched and filtered in a way that speaks to Advertisers.

The Result?

Tried and tested from back in June last year, Marketplace has been a good seven months in the making, and is finally at open beta stage and has created a shopable storefront for buyers to browse premium inventory. The new function has been described by Agencies as:

  • Streamlining the process of setting up private inventory deals
  • Providing comprehensive Publisher information with splits by audience segment
  • Simplifying the negotiation process and increasing the speed of getting deals live
  • Helping to find and manage Programmatic deals within multiple markets
  • Helping to evaluate whether or not inventory is a good fit

Using Marketplace, brands can utilise Publisher data and allow it to identify which audiences are most receptive to their message, reducing the risks that come with relying on human intuition to choose segments. Publishers hold a breadth of high-value audience data which can be intelligently applied to brand campaigns, driving better ROI for Advertisers. Publishers are sharing the real-time audience insights used to drive their own customer engagement and you can make the most of it through the open relationship that Marketplace has to offer.

To find out more about what premium publisher inventory can do for your brand, get in touch with the team on 01225 58 38 38, or email