At the end of March, the AdWords default view-through conversion window shrunk from 30 days to one day – which will have a considerable impact on year-on-year stats for many people. This change has impacted both new and existing conversion actions.

View-through conversions are counted when a user converts after a display ad or video ad impression, that doesn’t include a click.

View-throughs are a key metric used to demonstrate the value of display or video as many users don’t click through from the ads themselves, instead many see them but then opt to go direct to the site or to search for the brand before converting. Without view-through conversions, display and video performance would be considerably understated.

So moving forward, if a display or video ad prompts a user to convert, the conversion will only be recorded if their conversion is within 1 day of the most recent ad impression.

Though despite this, it is worth noting that the view-through conversion window will still be adjustable by advertisers if a longer conversion window is preferred.