DoubleClick spent the day at SearchStar’s office for a back to basics overview of the DoubleClick stack as well as an education on Programmatic for 2017.

Programmatic has been on the digital display scene for a few years now but there’s still an element of mystery about it, which I quite like. In the words of Jimmy Kimmel, "Programmatic buying is the gluten of advertising." Like gluten, ‘programmatic’ has become a buzzword that many people use but few really understand. They just know it’s important. For some reason”.

Luckily, DoubleClick were on hand to make sure we were amongst those lucky few and had news of exciting innovations which are being introduced…

1. Use of logged-in data for more accurate audience insights and cross-device frequency capping without the use of cookies

2. Improving core audiences to compete with 3rd party data lists which offer key information such as shopping behaviours and life stages – these will offer a great alternative to buying key overlays at extra CPM cost

3. Customer match based on more fields as well as an increased similar audience base - 100x that of the seed list

4. Academy for Ads is launching an interactive product simulation available for mock campaign builds – get to know the platform without committing to an Advertiser set up

Academy for Ads has plenty of helpful guides and infographics for every aspect of Programmatic - one for the road is their five steps to Programmatic success which can lay the foundation for any campaign:

  • Organise Audience Insights
  • Design Compelling Creatives
  • Execute with Integrated Technology
  • Reach Audience Across Screens
  • Measure the Impact

So, it looks to me like Programmatic remains the future of ad buying and SearchStar are very passionate about it. If you want to learn more about Programmatic or how SearchStar can help you with media buying get in touch with the team on 01225 583838, or email