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In the past 12 months we’ve put on two fabulously well-received conference at Bath’s rather lovely Apex Hotel. The first, ‘Digital Advertising: 2018 & Beyond’ was a full day event looking at the future of the industry. Whereas, the second was a more intimate affair, covering everything in the realms of analytics and conversion.

This time around we’ll be revisiting the format of last year’s event, for a full day of presentations from members of the SearchStar team, as well as a few carefully selected industry leaders.

What? ‘Data in Advertising: 2019 & Beyond’

When? 11th October

Where? Apex Hotel, Bath

The topic this year? Everything data. ‘Data in Advertising: 2019 & Beyond’ will consider the impact data is having and will come to have on the advertising industry, how it informs everything we do and touches every aspect of digital advertising the world over.

Who's Speaking?

While the full lineup of speakers is yet to be confirmed, we’re pleased to announce that Agency Development Manager at Google, Meaghan Rogers, is coming along to give us an insight into how data is driving the future of the online advertising behemoth.

Complementing Meaghan’s broader consideration of the impact of data on advertising, David Sanderson, Head of Sky AdSmart Local, will take us on a journey through the development of ad personalisation on television and the impact it is having on the industry.

As you can no doubt appreciate, SearchStar’s lead data man, Ed Culliford (otherwise known as our Insight Director) is incredibly excited for our latest conference:

“It’s no secret that data has become an integral part of advertising. From planning and targeting, to media buying and measurement, the success of campaigns has become ever more bound up with the effective collection, management, presentation and interpretation of data. Great campaigns require great data, both as a key input and as a vital output.

However, with privacy, automation and security all increasingly hot-topics, data can represent as much of a challenge as it does an opportunity.

Our full day conference will focus on how you can make the most of the opportunities that data presents and rise to the challenges that it creates, all with a view to providing actionable insights that can be readily applied to your advertising efforts.”

It goes without saying that these events wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable as they are without you, the attendees. We have taken all of the feedback from our last two events into account, and hope that October’s conference will be the best yet.