Tears of joy were wept collectively earlier this week as SearchStar was once again named one of Bing’s top agencies in the UK, an accolade we’re happy to add to our Bing Agency of the Year award from two years ago.

Often outperforming Google in relative terms, Bing has shown itself to be a vital advertising platform for many of our clients. That’s why our teams have been working incredibly hard to get as many of our clients as possible advertising on Bing and enabling them to reap those impressive returns.

Our success in the Bing Bright contest highlights our ambitions outside of the Google ecosystem. But on top of that, as the winner of the Bing Bright top prize we’re incredibly happy to have had €40,000 donated, on our behalf, to the Special Olympics - a frankly fantastic endorsement of our efforts.

Bing rep and SearchStar Senior Account Executive, Bethan Hughes, said of the announcement:

“Over the last few months we’ve been working with Bing to achieve better parity between our Google and Bing accounts. We participated in the Bing Bright contest to get the most accounts onto Bing as possible, and won!
Bing offers a great opportunity to easily increase revenue for our clients, as it often delivers lower CPCs and higher conversion rates than Google! Particularly with its seamless Google integration and greater market share in the US, advertising on Bing is an opportunity that should not be missed!
It’s fantastic for the agency and everyone who works here to have the recognition that we’ve been performing so well in the context of the wider UK market.”

Given the successes we continue to see on Bing, we plan to talk to as many of our clients as possible about how it can complement their advertising on Google. If you'd like to talk to us about Bing or any of your advertising needs, please reach out today. You can get in touch here >>>