The rumours are true. After three glorious years at Monmouth Studios, SearchStar is on the move again. But fear not, we remain fervent residents of Bath - it’ll take more than healthy growth to exile us from this wonderful city!

Remarkably, this move has been our 7th in just 12.5 years. And if that rate of relocation is anything to go by we’ll have outgrown our new digs by February 2020. Synchronize calendars!

Honestly, despite a burgeoning headcount (we’re hiring apace), it could prove difficult to fill this new space in 21.6 months, given that it is a whopping 3 times the size of the glorified (but lovely) attic we recently vacated.

Where is this commodious abode you ask? Well, that’s the real story - we’ve moved right back from whence we came: Royal Mead, 4-5A Railway Place, Bath, BA1 1SR. Those of you familiar with Bath will know that we’re once again just around the corner from Bath Spa train station.

Check us out on Google Streetview, and pop in for a coffee and a chat!

Of course, the new office isn’t quite up to our lofty aesthetic standards yet (give us a chance), but if you’d like a sneak preview here’s a timelapse video of last week’s moving in day:

That's us for now. Once we've settled in and branded the space we'll be sharing more photos/videos. Until then make sure to come and say hello!