Digital marketing trades on its ability to spew forth vast quantities of data and statistics about ad delivery, performance and impact. However, these figures are nothing more than trivia unless they are placed in a meaningful context.

How has performance changed over time? How do channels compare against each other? How does advertising impact stack up against wider business objectives.

Airport Parking Trends 2019

SearchStar’s “Airport Parking Trends 2019” aims to provide you with the ability to put your paid search performance in the context of the wider parking industry and compare it against other airport parking providers. This should deliver useful insight into the real success – or otherwise – of your own paid search efforts and help you to understand how to capitalise on opportunities to maximise future growth.

Each element is intended to prompt questions about your paid search performance. Consider whether search volumes for parking at your airport are keeping up with the wider industry. If not, why not? Or, take a look at how your conversion rates stack up and ask whether you’re doing enough to optimise online customer experience.

We hope that you find this infographic report valuable and that it equips you with the context you need to make better marketing decisions.

If you have any questions about any of the information presented, would like more information about our work with airport operators, or to discuss your digital advertising requirements please get in touch here, or call Steph Iles on 01225 58 38 38.