Just as we announce that Facebook is scaling back its interesting targeting options (for good reason), Spotify announces that it’s launching the function.

Indeed, Spotify has unveiled two new targeting options within its self-serve Spotify Ad Studio platform, making it possible for advertisers to target users based on their interests or the content they’re listening to in the moment.

Until now, targeting within Spotify Ad Studio has been limited to location, demographic, music genre and device. But Spotify has been working hard to create a more sophisticated platform for advertisers. Developing their targeting solutions is a significant step forward.

How Does Spotify Interest Targeting Work?

Spotify interest targeting enables advertisers to reach users based on their interests, which Spotify discerns by combining podcast and playlist listening with data from their streaming platform.

Real-time contexts allow advertisers to serve impressions in “specific moments”, indicated by the theme of the playlist they’re listening to. Spotify will aggregate user playlists based on a number of factors. This allows travel industry advertisers, for instance, to reach users listening to holiday-themed playlists.

Where Next for Spotify Ad Studio?

Spotify has already developed a relationship with Oracle Data Cloud to build custom audiences. However, they aren’t currently available on the self-serve platform, only through direct contact with Spotify’s in-house advertising sales team.

So, the introduction of interest and contextual targeting could pave the way for a greater selection of targeting options in the future. Having said that, Spotify doesn’t have a clear, public roadmap for doing so at this moment in time.

The Ad Studio platform is currently available across the UK, United States, Australia and Canada as a trial period for their self-service offering. The platform also offers creative support services, allowing advertisers to submit a script and choose a backing track to then be produced professionally by Spotify within 48 hours, making audio advertising more accessible.

To find out more about Spotify advertising you can read our introduction to the platform, or get in touch with the team if you have any questions...