As of October 11th 2022 Google has rebranded Data Studio as Looker Studio. Announcing the change, Google said...

"Today, we are unifying our business intelligence product family under the Looker umbrella. Looker is the name you’ll hear us use when talking about our Google Cloud business intelligence products, as we bring together Looker, Data Studio, and core Google technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)."


We’re pleased to announce that SearchStar now holds the coveted Google Data Studio product certification, becoming one of only 24 agencies in the UK to hold it alongside the Google Analytics certification (held since May 2016).

Achieving this certification demonstrates our industry-leading expertise in Google Data Studio, with agencies asked to prove their knowledge in a rigorous two-step process:

  1. An exam in which the agency must achieve a mark of 80% or higher
  2. 2 Comprehensive Project Samples representing work that goes beyond simple, standard dashboards and visualisations and indicates a high degree of understanding of Data Studio.’

The Data Studio certification is only open to existing Google Marketing Platform (GMP) Partners, meaning that you can only apply once you hold an existing GMP certification (in our case Analytics). See our official partner page here...

“I’m really proud of the team for gaining yet another Google accreditation, especially when we’re one of only a few agencies who can achieve this level of excellence. I see the industry-leading work the team are doing on the Google Marketing Platform every day for our clients of all different shapes and sizes, but this gives us the evidence to prove it. Google are a key partner for us and this strengthens the relationship even further.”

Ryan Webb, Conversion & Analytics Director, SearchStar

About Data Studio & SearchStar

Data Studio - Google’s reporting and data visualisation tool - was initially released in 2016 and SearchStar have been providing clients with high-quality, bespoke reporting since its launch. It is the reporting platform of choice for all our media teams.

SearchStar is a Certified Google Marketing Platform Partner and Google Premier Partner agency - one of only a handful of agencies in the UK to hold both accreditations. To find out more about what these, and our other Google certifications mean, click here…

If you'd like to learn more about Data Studio, or discuss how it can be used to improve your reporting, data visualisation and, ultimately, deliver better business insight, please get in touch today...