We’re delighted to announce that SearchStar is now officially a Google Ad Grants Certified Professional! In short, that means we’re one of only 29 agencies worldwide (!) officially recommended to manage Google Ad Grants accounts.

After all our recent good news, this is yet another demonstration of SearchStar’s commitment to delivering a high standard of work across the board - including with non-profits - and our strong agency relationship with the team at Google.

How Did We Get Certified?

In order to gain the Google Ad Grants certification we took part in an Immersion Programme with Google. This required us to demonstrate the continuous high-quality management of Ad Grants accounts, locally and nationally.

This certification is a credit to how well our team manages grants accounts and the high standards we always work to. It demonstrates management and stewardship of the Ad Grants Programme above and beyond what is expected.

The Certified Professionals are a group of agencies and freelancers demonstrating the highest quality management, supporting non-profits in making the most of the $10,000 free advertising budget they’re granted from Google each month.

It puts us among just a handful of agencies who currently hold this status. To put this into perspective, we’ll shortly be joining this directory of current Certified Professionals that currently lists just 28 others worldwide!

What Does This Really Mean?

Working with an Ad Grants Certified Professional means you’re partnering with a Google-recommended agency best placed to look after non-profits’ ad spend.

In practice, this certification enhances our relationship with the Google Ad Grants team, giving us regular and direct access to the team and the chance to guide and shape the future strategy of the Ad Grants Programme.

What’s more, we’ll also get exclusive access to ongoing education and (most excitingly!) our clients will get direct early access to new features and Ad Grants betas.

This certification puts us in the best possible position to continue managing Ad Grants accounts and helping non-profits get the most out of their Ad Grant. In short, we get to keep working for causes we really care about and this certification is just the cherry on the cake.

You can find out more about the Ad Grants Programme here. If you’re interested in the Ads Grant Programme and would like to discuss the management of your monthly advertising budget - even if it’s just a few questions - please get in touch today...