With our clients having seen some incredible results through Bing in the past 18 months, the platform became a focus for the agency in 2018. And through that focus - and the efforts of our Bing representative, Bethan Hughes - SearchStar’s status has been upgraded to ‘Elite Agency Partner’.

What is a Bing Elite Agency Partner?

This change puts us in the very top tier of Bing Partner Agencies, and it means that our clients have access - through us - to platform betas and the latest industry training, consultation and best practice thought-leadership.

Working with a Bing Elite Agency Partner means you’re working with someone who has the experience of managing a high level of spend through the Bing platform. But more than that, it means we’ve gone through, and passed with flying colours, Bing’s Ad Academy Training and credibility checks.

What is the Bing Partner Program?

At its core, the program is a relationship between Bing Ads and the most qualified Agencies, Channel Partners and Technology Partners in the advertising industry. The program helps distinguish partners through public recognition and enables their growth through exclusive training, technical, marketing and sales resources.

The Bing partner program gives partners opportunities to nurture and grow their intelligent search and digital business, access to the Microsoft community and technical experts, and recognition for their work with Bing.

You can read more about the Bing Ads Partner Program here...

Do You Advertise on Bing?

While Bing is smaller than Google, we’ve found that it’s an incredibly valuable platform for advertisers, generally delivering lower CPCs, and even better conversion rates, than its ubiquitous rival.

For that reason, if you’re a small advertiser or a large advertiser already taking full advantage of Google, it’s beneficial to consider moving a proportion of your spend over to Microsoft’s search engine. With that in mind, if you’d like to discuss opportunities through the Bing Ads platform, please get in touch today and we’ll guide you through the rest.