Good news feels especially good these days. So, when a rather large parcel arrived unexpectedly from Google - always a good sign - we got rather excited. But what did it all mean?

Well, it turns out our fantastic Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) Team have received an award from Google’s Comparison Shopping Partners for their outstanding achievement in Shopping OptiScore across Shopping Ads.

Put simply, that means they’ve been recognised for the time they’ve spent optimising the performance of the Google Shopping Ads we run. It demonstrates our commitment to embracing best practice and delivering an exceptional level of performance across our shopping campaigns.

Along with our framed certificate, we’re also delighted to have received an exceedingly rare and valuable Google speaker that we’re hoping to use at some future socials when we’re all finally back together!

What Is Google OptiScore?

OptiScore (Optimisation Score) is an estimate of how well your Google Ads account is set to perform, ranked from 0-100%. Calculated in real-time, it’s based on the status, settings and performance of an account and campaigns, as well as the impact that Google recommendations could make.

OptiScore provides accounts with a benchmark against industry standards and allows advertisers to aim for and measure excellence across their campaigns.

You can read more about optimisation score here...

About Google CSS

SearchStar has been approved as a CSS provider to help diversify shopping and allow businesses to make significant savings on their Shopping Ads. We’ve been chosen specifically by Google for this scheme for our commitment to Google Shopping and knowledge of technical setups and campaign management.

Non-Google CSSs - like the SearchStar CSS - are currently able to buy Google Shopping placements at wholesale rates that are 20% less than the same inventory via Google Ads.

If you think your shopping campaigns could be working harder or want to discuss how you can take advantage of our Comparison Shopping Service (CSS), get in touch with one of our Shopping and CSS specialists today.