ADFUTURES has a new name. One that better reflects the expertise now held within the digital marketing teams at Adapt - DMF: Digital Marketing Futures. And it is returning for 2021. Already sold? Get your - free - tickets below.

Facebook x DMF

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What is DMF: Digital Marketing Futures?

DMF: Digital Marketing Futures is an ongoing series of inspiring and actionable seminars about the future of digital marketing from those creating it.

Facebook’s Lars Kossmann will be kicking off DMF 2021, with a virtual seminar about what the future of social media advertising holds. Among other things, he’ll offer exclusive insight into product development and Facebook's product roadmap for 2021 and beyond.

Following on from Facebook, Google’s Vanda Pickup will take to the virtual lectern on Wednesday 10th March with an update on the future of digital advertising, as well as some exclusive industry insight and information about upcoming Google betas.

Previous Events

These future-focussed seminars started back in 2019 as an in-person event in Bristol’s Watershed. In 2020 they moved briefly to London for a hugely successful event with Facebook, before the Covid-19 pandemic forced everything online.

Here are a couple of photos from previous ADFUTURES events: