TikTok is a serious force to be reckoned with in the marketing world.

With 689 million monthly active users worldwide, the rewards of a successful marketing campaign produced on this platform could be colossal.

The most downloaded app of 2020 certainly isn’t resting on those laurels and has launched a whole host of new features, app formats, and branding solutions.

So, what’s new with TikTok this year/month/day/second?

Below, we give you the low-down on all the exciting and Gen Z friendly updates for 2021.

TikTok Advertising: 5 New Features for 2021

1. Collection Ads

In short, collection ads enable advertisers to use a multiple product card, an instant storefront, or product page for their business.

These ads provide a seamless shopping experience for users and offer the perfect solution for the retail segment and direct response eCommerce businesses.

The stats TikTok have highlighted sound enticing too, with selected clients reporting a +13% CTR lift and 3x increase in visits to their owned page.

2. Promo Tiles

As the name suggests, this new feature is centered around promoting discounts. Want to enhance the efficiency of your promotion and increase engagement and actions?

If the answer is yes, which I’m sure it would be, then TikTok promo tiles are your new best friend.

These customisable image tiles allow you to highlight sales and promotional messaging – ideal for sharing a discount code for users to redeem.

3. Showcase Tiles

No, we aren’t talking about the flooring of your local cinema – this new creative format is similar to the promo tiles we’ve just mentioned, but they allow for even more sales opportunities, as you can promote several products via a product image within a single ad.

We are a fan of multitasking – work smarter not harder right? Highlight your best-selling products, each with their own CTA, and customise your way to higher engagement.

4. Shopify Partnership

You may have already heard about this one.

Announced in the latter part of last year, the TikTok and Shopify partnership is the stuff of digital marketing dreams. It encompasses all the ‘s’ words we like to hear – seamless, synchronised, streamlined.

Simply set up or link a TikTok business account to sync up payments and merchandise libraries. Then, you’ll be able to manage and optimise your conversion campaigns all via TikTok.

Last, but certainly not least, this powerful duo allows for detailed insights and the ability to track campaign performance to purchase with the easy one-click TikTok Pixel – and we all know more data means better ROI.

5. Lead Gen Ads

Get new leads in a flash the TikTok way and find a new solution for building prospects.

You can trigger quick-loading instant forms through a CTA, and this will then drive even higher conversion rates with the option of a pre-population feature.

The fully customisable format means the improved contextual relevance will pique interest and deliver higher quality leads too, including the ever-important one-click data exporting we like.

TikTok Branding Solutions

Moving on from the above auction in-feed performance solutions and onto branding solutions. There are four new branding solutions. And below is a brief overview of each solution.

  • Premium Badge 2.0 - An element of the ad comes to life; the badge is clickable and includes a customizable and separate CTA
  • Interactive Gesture Ads – Grab your users' attention! This allows users to slide or click to reveal a surprise gesture
  • Voting Stickers – Let users have their say with a poll, find out what your fans think, and let them see the % results too
  • Donation Stickers – Drive charitable donations with this one and encourage viewers of your ad to donate

Final Thoughts

Trends can come and go on TikTok at an alarming speed, and what is a viral trend today, could be old news by next week.

So, always remember to keep an eye on what new features are out there to ensure you stay on trend and get the most out of your marketing campaigns.