The workplace has changed - our mental and physical wellbeing is now being given the attention it always should have been. And that needs to be celebrated.

Our wellbeing series aims to shine a light on personal stories and experiences from around our agency so that all aspects of employee health remain a focus for Adapt and the flexibility we're proud to put at the centre of our culture.

Wellbeing: One More Week of Home Schooling

We’re almost there, crawling through the next few days maybe, but we are almost there. Snacks in constant supply, flitting between common denominators and fronted adverbials whilst a general hum of YouTube and Minecraft play in the background. And all this, rubbing up against video calls, Teams chats and client presentations. But we are almost there.

Those who know me, know that a professional image is all part of the show – part of the armour – feeling like you got this because your face is done and your PPT deck is squeaky clean. But oh my, how the lines of work and life have been blurred these past two months.

For so many of us, Working From Home has been Parenting at Work.

There have been tears and tantrums and not just from my 5-year-old. But I think when we get to next weekend and the large G&T has been poured, there is a lot we can look back on and be proud of.

Because I am optimistic and hopeful that this whole experience has moved things on…

  • That our attitude to flexible working and working from home has taken a giant leap forward
  • Being honest about who we are, how we are feeling, and asking for support if we need it
  • Recognising and appreciating how much an employee has given/juggled/plates spun
  • Trusting and understanding that flexibility works for both the employee and the employer
  • Enjoying those impromptu moments when kids turn up on screen and floor any formalities we might have tried to conjure
  • How the gender roles have once again been put under the microscope as we all figure out how best to create a space of caring for our children but also furthering ourselves and supporting our families

And I know I have been one of the lucky ones, but here’s hoping that for many businesses this experience has a lasting change for good and creates places of work that support and understand that we really are more than the professional self we might put forward.

So, next week when I look back with that G&T in hand I will be celebrating and dancing in the kitchen that they are going back to school…

But also proud of the company I keep, the people I work with, who have been so supportive and have ticked every one of those things on that list and helped me through the past two months, we are almost there!

Particular name check to Ryan, Joe, Jon B, Laura P, Grace, Jo Phillips, Rob W, Harry, Mel - thanks for having my back! And of course my fabulous kids and husband.