Today marks the official release of our latest guide, Global Issues: The Threats Affecting eCommerce.

An essential read for any eCommerce brand, the guide takes a closer look at the global crises impacting eCommerce brands, how brands can react and succeed, as well as our pick of the marketing trends that will set you apart from the competition this year and next.

You can download it free here, or by clicking the image below. Or scroll down to find out more about everything included in the guide before you make up your mind.

Global Issues: The Threats Affecting eCommerce

Over the past three years, we’ve experienced a domino effect of economic crises.

Covid-19, rising inflation, the war in Ukraine – the list goes on. In response to this, we’ve seen brands hold back their marketing spend out of fear of the future... and this skepticism could be doing more harm than good.

So, to help you maneuver your way through this uncertain world and achieve economic success, we’ve created our new guide that not only details the current crises impacting eCommerce brands, but also looks at the trends defining the eCommerce landscape in 2022, and new approaches you can use to implement better-performing eCommerce marketing strategies.

The Guide Covers...

The Threats Affecting eCommerce

Digital advertising revenue reached $189 billion in 2021, jumping 35% - the highest increase since 2006.

But it's not all smooth sailing from here. With consumers and businesses impacted by inflation, a war in mainland Europe and supply chain challenges caused by the vestiges of a global pandemic... the eCommerce landscape is far from picture-perfect.

What Can eCommerce Brands Do?

In response to these crises, consumers have reigned in their spending, and are less likely to click on online ads. The results: lower click-through rates (CTRs), brand searches, site traffic, sales, and ROAS. But with seismic change comes opportunity... for those that are willing to take it.

eCommerce Performance Look Book AW '22

Though it may feel like the future looks bleak, there are opportunities from emerging marketing trends that can boost campaign performance for your eCommerce brand.

And to give you a head start, we’ve pulled together the first-ever eCommerce Performance Look Book (AW ’22).

You can get a free copy of the guide here. And if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message.