Product Kickoff8.30am yesterday and I was Google's London HQ hearing them detail the product roadmap for the rest of 2015. Much of the content was under NDA but there were clear themes - mobile first, cross device tracking, audience targeting/retargeting and shopping.A few snippets from the talks are below:1. A little stat from the Google shopping team made me recall the number of times I've been questioned whether people buy on phones vs. research... over 50% of q4 2014 traffic globally to google shopping came off mobile devices.2. Some clever examples of AdWords scripts were case showing an advertiser bidding up in time segments that had broadcast TV spots running within them... another that varied Ad copy in line with a weather feed....another showed a retailer "sale must end in x days" feed that also dynamically inserted product names and discounts from a feed.3. Gmail sponsored promotions ( which we like at search star for their strong roi) are getting further development and integration with AdWords which we welcome.4. Some significant moves to push app promotion...60% of apps in play in 2014 never received a single download..Google wants to change this.Overall an excellent few hours of information download with impressive sign that google is slowing down and plenty that they are listening to their agency partners in improving their already impressive Ad products. Roll on the next one.