... but only in organic search results.Today Google is launching a change to their search algorithm that will promote mobile-friendly websites over websites not optimised for mobile.Here at Search Star we're always insisting our clients make sure their sites work well on mobile. Like most advertisers, we're seeing mobile search increase at an alarmingly fast rate, making it more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly website.A mobile-friendly website should consist of the following:

  • No side-scrolling
  • Responsive design (changes to fit the screen size)
  • No zooming
  • Big, easy to use buttons
  • Not too much text
  • Easy, straight forward navigation
Dubbed “Mobilegeddon”, this algorithm change is set to push a lot of websites down the rankings, with mobile-friendly sites filling the void. Thankfully for us, the change is only affecting organic traffic, so we shouldn’t see a change in paid ad positions. However, with most websites relying on a degree of organic traffic, those without mobile-friendly sites are likely to see traffic volumes taking a hit, starting today.While changing a website not optimised for mobile to a mobile-friendly site can be a time-consuming and laborious process, it is proving essential. The algorithm change is another nail in the coffin for websites that only work on desktops. We have no information on if this algorithm will make it's way to paid search too, but my guess is that sooner or later, non-mobile-friendly websites will be pushed down the paid rankings too.If you'd like to see how Google views your website in terms of mobile-friendliness, you can use their Mobile-Friendly Test