Have you ever wondered if all those beaming faces on the SearchStar Team page are genuine or if we’re actually all miserable? Well, wonder no more. Here’s everything you need to know about being part of the SearchStar team.

Situated in arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the South West, SearchStar’s first main attraction is its location. The heart of gorgeous Bath is where you’ll find us, meaning easy commutes, picturesque views and very enjoyable lunchtimes.

On my first day I was welcomed by an office full of friendly people, big smiles and a planned out schedule of one-to-one introductory sessions to all things SearchStar. Sharing knowledge and understanding in the office is not just for the newbies though - the constant learning of new tips and tricks from those who specialise in certain areas is a very regular occurrence. I also noticed very early on that there is a great sense of transparency in the office; regular and detailed updates from senior management ensure everyone is up to speed with what’s going on, and where, when, why and how. This contributes to SearchStar’s unique working culture, where Dan has somehow managed to bring together and employ some of the nicest people in the South West. No drama, no hostility, no politics, just an office of people who enjoy what they do and genuinely enjoy the company of the people around them. This may be my first job after university but I am quickly coming to realise that this culture is golden and extremely rare.

There’s no starting at the photocopier and working your way up either, at SearchStar you hit the ground running. Within my first week I was both helping out on existing accounts and working on pitches for potential new business.

And then there are the extras.

A team that eats together stays together, right? SearchStar most definitely adheres to this mantra every Tuesday lunchtime and every Friday morning, without fail. Tuesday lunch is a highlight of the working week, with each week seeing a different local caterer provide lunch in the office for our ever-expanding team. Friday morning is also not to be missed - the weekly pastry delivery is a great way to start the day. And then there’s the Bake Off. I’ll say this now, if you do not enjoy baking and/or eating, SearchStar may not be the place for you. I have taken part in no less than three GSSBOs (Great SearchStar Bake Offs) since I started, and the fourth is just around the corner. Team SearchStar may be digital marketing wizards by day, but one trick ponies they are not. Give them a theme and a spatula and watch them produce baked goodies that Mary Berry would definitely be proud of. If natural sugars are more your thing, then look no further than the overflowing, regularly replenished office fruit bowl. All employees are also offered a gym membership, and half the office use this in unison with rigorous (most of the time) training programmes for various races and events. If a lighter form of exercise sounds more appealing than a weekly spin class, we’re on the third floor so climbing the stairs a couple of times a day should keep you happy. If you’re none of the above, fear not, you can take the lift.

SearchStar are on to a very good thing here - happy employees = good work = happy clients. It’s a no brainer really. There’s no such thing as the ‘Monday Morning Blues’ when you work in place like this. Oh, and if you’re still not sold, we went to Iceland for our Christmas party, no biggie.