A week or so ago, Facebook announced that it was going to offer $100M in cash grants and ad credits for up to 30,000 eligible small businesses. Well, not to be outdone, Google has stepped up to the plate and announced that it is to offer $340 million in ad credits for SMBs worldwide.

Google’s aim is to help SMBs by alleviating some of the costs related to staying in touch with their customers. These credits will appear as a notification within accounts, and will be available to use until the end of 2020 across Google Ads platforms. To qualify, you must have been an active advertiser since the beginning of 2019.

According to Google, “Advertisers receiving ad credits will be notified in the coming months. We are in the process of building these specialized credits into Google Ads accounts, therefore notifications will not show immediately. We appreciate your patience.”

Google’s Covid-19 Crisis Response

Google says this is part of a larger commitment to supporting SMBs, health organisations and governments, and health workers that are on the frontline against this pandemic. More about what Google are doing to combat the Covid-19 outbreak can be found here...

In a blog post from Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, Google announced they would be spending $800+ million to support small businesses and the crisis response. This commitment includes a $250 million ad grant to help the World Health Organisation (WHO) and over 100 government agencies across the globe to provide critical information on how to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other measures to help local communities.

His message also includes a $200 million investment fund that will support NGOs and financial institutions to provide small businesses with access to capital. There is also a $20 million pool of Google Cloud credits for academic institutions and researchers that are working on therapies and vaccines. Additionally, Google will be providing direct financial support and expertise to help increase the production capacity for personal protective equipment (PPE).

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