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WithinDigital Episode 8: The Macro Marketing Trends of 2022

In episode 8 of WithinDigital, Nick Livermore is joined by Adapt Managing Director, Jon Greenhalgh, to chat about the three macro trends set to define the marketing landscape in 2022.

So, what are those trends?

First up is talent and recruitment. How can agencies continue to grow against the backdrop of "The Great Resignation", and what is Adapt doing to onboard new team members?

Secondly, Jon takes a wider look at data, privacy, and the deprecation of third-party cookies. How will the changes we've seen in 2021 impact 2022 and beyond? And where does our focus need to be going forwards?

Finally, Jon and Nick discuss the increasing part AI and machine learning has to plan in advertising. But what's the future, and where do we go next?

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