Today marks the official release of our latest guide, Digital Marketing: The Age of Diversity?

This guide is such an important read for any digital marketer as it looks at the discrimination against gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and disability that still exists in marketing, and what we can do as an industry to create a marketing world that is inclusive for all.

You can download it free here, or by clicking the image below. Or scroll down to find out more about everything included in the guide before you download your free copy.

Digital Marketing: The Age of Diversity?

Marketing has entered the Age of Diversity. Today, creating a stellar product or providing a first-class service is not enough...

Brands need to show they are inclusive and demonstrate the actions they are taking to help create a new world founded on equality.

Unfortunately, right now, the marketing world is falling short. Inequality is still apparent in digital marketing, and we’re not openly addressing these issues.

We want this to change.

So, we have created this guide to spark these sometimes-difficult conversations and begin implementing the necessary changes to create a marketing world that champions diversity.

The guide covers...

Sexism in AI & Advertising

Do the AI and advertising industries have a gender bias problem? It’s an issue that’s been brought to attention numerous times, but all too often these conversations are dismissed and soon forgotten.

While gender bias may not always appear overt, sexism still exists within the AI and advertising industries, and we need to tackle this to achieve gender inclusivity.

Discrimination in Advertising

Think back to advertising in the 1950s. Women were depicted as perfect housewives, sexy, slim, with perfect hair and makeup. BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ communities and people with disabilities were nowhere to be seen.

Today, representation in online advertising has changed dramatically. However, that’s not to say that sexism, homophobia, and racism have vanished from advertising – they just aren’t quite so obvious.

Is the Internet Truly Accessible?

Website development has a “one-size fits all” problem”.

Every day, around 500,000 new websites are created globally. And the vast majority of them are “inaccessible”, which prevents the world’s one billion disabled people – 15% of the global population – from enjoying an easy online experience.

And while the trend is for cleverly designed websites, with bright colours and brand-defining fonts, following that trend means excluding a large number of potential customers.

You can get a free copy of the guide here. And if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message.

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