Creating an Oscar-worthy ad solution for a global cinema franchise

If you’re a film buff who loves to watch the latest releases in the plushest theatre, then you've probably paid a visit to VUE.

VUE is one of the world’s leading multinational cinema franchises, with 225 sites and nearly 2,000 screens globally. It operates in the UK, with international operations across EMEA & APAC under several other brands.

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“The challenge we face in the film industry is delivering relevant ad content. With over 225 locations in 9 key European markets, and an ever-changing slate of films, it can be difficult to make our ads stand out to our target audience. The Adapt Programmatic team rose to the challenge with an innovative solution that has given us an edge in a competitive marketplace."

Duncan Connal | Group Digital Media Planner | VUE





The Challenge

The film industry is fast-paced. New releases launch every week targeting a variety of audiences. This rate of change makes it hugely challenging and expensive to put the right advertising in front of the right people. And the issue is only made complex by the fact film preference is individual and hard to predict.

Vue needed a cost-effective solution that would make their ads as relevant as possible to improve performance and reduce wastage. At the same time, it was important to find a solution that would enable multivariate testing to inform testing across other media channels.

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How we solved it

Our programmatic team identified dynamic ads as the best solution for VUE’s problem – they would allow our team to tailor creative based on the information we had about VUE’s audiences.

A creative template deployed in combination with a data feed in Google Studio meant it was possible to populate ads with imagery and messaging that was most likely to resonate with the audience.

To demonstrate the level of personalization this approach enabled VUE to achieve, their dynamic ads have served advertising for 22 different films across three months, totaling 14,000 different creative combinations.

Finally, our use of a data feed behind the scenes opened the door to multivariate testing, the insight from which has helped inform and incrementally improve the performance of VUE’s other media channels.


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Their Results

In the first 3 months of going live across the UK&I, DE and IT markets VUE’s dynamic ads drove a +25% increase in CTR compared to static ads running at the same time. 

We’re now looking to expand the creative potential by incorporating more first party audience data into the dynamic template to make VUE programmatic ads even more relevant.  

“Through a thorough understanding of our business and marketing needs, Adapt has had a bottom-line impact on performance in our most important European markets. They are a fantastic agency to work with.”

Duncan Connal | Group Digital Media Planner | VUE