After a couple of months’ hiatus, we’re back with our Digital PR roundup! And as the cooler months draw in, we take a look at the PR campaigns that are bringing back the summer vibes.

We also discover where you can find Winnie and friends, and just how blasphemous we are online...

7. Nostalgia in a Box (The Toy Zone)

The Toy Zone made Happy Meals even happier, reimagining 80s pop culture icons as Happy Meal toys. The lineup includes Jack Torrance from The Shining, Top Gun’s Maverick, Knight Rider, and more!

6. The ‘Impossible to Hate’ Campervan (Vita Coco)

How far can you take ‘remote working’? Vita Coco offered us all the chance to win a dreamy campervan-turned-home-office, complete with WiFi, a monitor, a hammock, surfboards, and more!

5. Dropping Off the Grid (Uswitch)

Once you’ve won your campervan from Vita Coco, Uswitch can help you figure out where to take it! Uswitch conducted a study to find the best places in the UK and around the world to go completely off-grid.

Uswitch looked at amenities, scenery, and accommodation as well as (lack of) WiFi signal and distance from the nearest city to help you find the perfect digital detox destinations. Brecon in Wales took the top spot for the UK, while Provence in France was the global winner!

4. Games to Swear By – (Buzz Bingo)

Video games can elicit some… passionate exchanges, but which game gets us most riled up? Buzz Bingo watched more than 25 hours of Twitch and YouTube gaming streams to find out which video game provokes the most profanity - finding that Rainbow Six Siege players drop an average of 584 expletives per hour!

Unsurprisingly, Fifa 21 was not far behind, at 552 swear words per hour. They also looked at which streamers swear the most, and which platforms cause the most cursing.

3. The Bearbnb – (Airbnb)

Airbnb is helping celebrate 95 years of A.A. Milne’s legendary character by launching the Bearbnb - inspired by the home of Winnie the Pooh and located in the original Hundred Acre Wood! The adorable stay is hosted and curated by Kim Raymond, who has illustrated Winnie and friends for over 30 years.

2. The Watermelon Sugar Spa – (The Abbey Hotel)

Whether you’re a Styler, a Directioner, or you simply love a bit of pampering - the Abbey Hotel’s Watermelon Sugar spa day is just what you need. The hotel in Redditch put together an ultimate spa day inspired by none other than Redditch’s greatest export, Harry Styles.

Enjoy the calming aroma of the ‘Breathe Me In’ candle, a luxurious ‘Adore You’ facial, a “Watermelon Sugar” body scrub, and plenty more stan-worthy treats.

1. The Staycation Cocktail – (Pour Moi)

    Pour Moi’s Cocktail Report took a look at the most searched for cocktails in the world (Pornstar Martinis took the top spot), as well as top cocktails in each continent - but the most intriguing part of this campaign was the introduction of their ‘Great British Staycation’ cocktail collection.

    To get people excited about the return of the British summer holidays, Pour Moi teamed with Hedonist Drinks to create a selection of cocktail recipes inspired by UK staycations. Fancy a Fish & Chips martini featuring smoked salmon-infused gin? Perhaps a Burnt BBQ Sour with a sprig of fresh thyme? For something less daring, the 99 Ice Cream Dream with cream and vanilla vodka will surely do the trick!