While July 2022 gave us the hottest days on record, it also gave us some seriously spicy Digital PR campaigns.

This month we were introduced to a song that can deter flying scavengers, chips in the form of cutlery, and a free cooling service for redheads.

So, without further ado...

5. Bye Gull Bye (Deliveroo)

A good reason NOT to visit Brighton is the birds, and seagulls are among the worst offenders. There’s evil in those eyes, always looking for the next ice cream to steal.

However, this campaign from Deliveroo may be just the thing that convinces me to head south for Brighton Pride this weekend. Deliveroo teamed with herring and seagull expert, Dr. Madeleine Gomas, to produce a song specifically designed to scare off gulls.

The song is called ‘Bye Gull Bye’ and incorporates bird of prey calls from falcons and eagles, high-frequency sounds, and white noise. Sounds like it might be a Finneas production. Most importantly, it apparently works!

4. Red Head Redemption (Showcase)

I don’t know about you guys, but I personally thought the heatwave was a pretty bad time. And while I may moan about the fact that I’m still trying to regain the lost sleep, UK cinema chain Showcase might argue that some had it worse.

Namely, red-haired people. Because redheads are said to be more sensitive to the sun and high temperatures, Showcase decided to lend a hand by offering free cinema tickets to all redheads on the UK’s two hottest days in history.

Mark Barlow, Showcase Cinemas’ UK general manager, said: “While the UK enjoys some much-needed sunny weather, we know how hard some people find the heat.

That’s why, to tackle the heatwave, we’re offering redheads free entry to our cinema screens this Monday and Tuesday, so they’ll be able to enjoy some of the amazing films on offer in the comfort of our air-conditioned cinema screens and ensure they stay protected from the sun.

3. The Chip Spoon (Heinz)

How much sauce is the perfect amount per chip? It’s an age-old question, a debate that’s gone on far too long and caused too much pain and anguish, and that’s why Heinz decided to put an end to it by introducing the world’s first spoon-shaped fries.

Unveiled on July 13th - National Fries Day - Heinz Spoon Friez was inspired by a study from Heinz that revealed 9 in 10 people refuse to eat chips without sauce, with 4.5 billion French fries eaten every year.

“Fried potatoes come in many different shapes and sizes, but due to the French fry’s classic, long, thin style, the amount of sauce scooped is minimal due to its slender frame and limited surface area. Made out of potato and resembling the same shape of a traditional spoon, the potato ‘bowl’ head will fry-nally let sauce superfans enjoy the perfect amount of Heinz Tomato Ketchup.”

Thank you, Heinz, I’ll be sure to take my Spoon Friez to Brighton while I blast Bye Gull Bye.

2. Partner Perks (VoucherCodes)

As a person living alone in London on a working visa, I'd be lying if I said I hadn't considered finding a partner solely for the financial and bureaucratic advantages, and according to a new study from Vouchercodes, I'm not the only one.

According to their research, almost a third (31%) of single people in the UK want a partner in the hopes it’ll save them money, while more than half of those people believe that couples pay less for housing and can budget better.

However, those people are wrong! The data also shows that couples tend to spend about 17% more per month than single folk.

The study revealed a few more intriguing insights about the cost-of-living differences between single people and couples, like the fact that while couples spend more on just about everything, single people spend 5% more on fashion and beauty - because how else are you going get a partner, I guess?

Meanwhile, a separate study conducted by me right now predicts that single people might be able to save money on movies by dating redheads during heatwaves.

1. Mullets & Mulling (Gymshark)

    Fun fact about me, if I stare at my own eyes for too long, I start to think too much about eyes, which subsequently makes me tear up. It’s not something I have to deal with often but looking at the mirror while getting a haircut is where this strange phenomenon manifests itself most prominently.

    One time it happened, and the hairdresser noticed and said, awww, it’s a big change isn’t it?’ and I had to explain that I wasn’t actually sad about the haircut, I’m just a weirdo when it comes to eyes. I don’t think she believed me. This is partially why my hair is now belly-button length.

    Anyway, my point is that had I been at Gymshark’s Deload Barbershop in Shoreditch, it mightn’t have been such a scene. That’s because Deload is the first barbershop where every barber is also a trained mental health professional.

    Recognising the need for non-judgmental, safe spaces for men to address their mental health and wellbeing, Gymshark sought to create a comfortable environment where customers can “open up, offload and have a chat with professional mental health trained barbers who are there to listen.”

    It’s always been somewhat of a trope - having DMCs with your barber - and now you can be a little more confident that the advice they give might actually be as good as the trim! Many men struggle to open up emotionally, so we applaud Gymshark’s approach to creating a more organic space to decompress.

    Deload was open from 12-17 July, offering free trims with help from Curfew Grooming, while all merchandise proceeds went to mental health charity Calm.