It’s the final Digital PR Roundup of 2022! And to round off the year in the best way possible, we’re going to shine a spotlight on our favourite Digital PR campaigns of November.

5. Football Badges by Memory (betsperts)

With the World Cup in full swing, you might think it’s a great time to be tested on your Premier League football badge knowledge. However, for these fans, it wasn’t such a walk in the park...

Betsperts asked 100 football fans to draw the top 6 Premier League football club badges from memory – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur. And for our amusement, Betsperts rated the badges from best to worst.

4. Beauty & Brain Behind the Baby Name (My1stYear)

If you’re expecting, you might be trying to decide on a name for the little one, which can always be challenging!

My1stYear, however, has carried out research to determine the most beautiful baby names of 2022 just in the nick of time.

You are not alone if you’re wondering how this can be measured. Taking the top 100 baby names of this year, they determined that the most beautiful names were the ones that, when said aloud, conjured up positive emotion.

Is your name Zayn or Sophia? You’re in luck! As your names were deemed the most beautiful. However, if you’re called Jesse, Charlie, Zoe, or Rosie, you can also delight in knowing your name was a stunning runner-up.

3. Beano on Your Smartphone (EE x Beano)

Giving your child their first phone can be daunting. Luckily, EE and Beano – the makers of your childhood favourite, Dennis the Menace – have teamed up to ensure your family stays phone-smart.

With helpful videos explaining how to stay safe on social media, advice on how to set filters, and recommended apps for the kids to enjoy, this campaign will make online safety easy for parents to implement and fun for children to learn about at the same time!

2. Humans of the Future (Toll Free Forwarding)

    It’s the year 3000, and we hate to say it, but Busted was wrong; we don’t live underwater, but we might look like Mindy. At least, this is what recent research carried out by experts is telling us. Mindy was created by experts and Toll Free Forwarding to visualise the development of humanity over time.

    She is a disturbing look into the future of mobile phone and computer use, featuring a hunched back, 90-degree bent elbow, and permanent claw-like grip from smartphone use, as well as a smaller brain and a thicker neck.

    This visualisation highlights how uncertain we are about the prolonged use of modern technology and might encourage you to put your phone down a little more often!

    1. Collecteroo (Deliveroo)

      Ending on a positive note, Deliveroo has partnered with Trussell Trust to launch a new initiative called Collecteroo – a food donation collection service aimed at raising awareness and donations for food banks in the area local to Trussell Trust.

      After Deliveroo discovered over 74% of Brits have food items in their homes that they would willingly donate, they decided to come up with a clever solution to the U.K. food crisis.

      So, Deliveroo has arranged for e-vans to collect in-date food from donees. And, with Olympic boxer Nicola Adams as the ambassador of the initiative, you can see why this campaign was an absolute knockout.