The nights are drawing in, the leaves are slowly falling, and there’s a chill in the air, which can mean only one thing... winter is coming! But before then, let’s focus on some of the delightfully autumnal PR campaigns released last month.

In October’s Roundup, we reveal a competition made for pumpkin spice lovers, bouquets made for insects, and where you can find paramedics for your plants...

5. The Pumpkin Spice Taste Test (FinanceBuzz)

When I’m searching for answers in life, I often wind up at Trader Joe’s. Why, might you ask? Because, for me, Trader Joe’s is equivalent to therapy and self-care; if you forget what time of year it is, glance over at any grocery aisle, and the snacks will tell you.

Trader Joe’s is famous for its seasonal foods, with some of them being outright wacky. Chocolate hummus was one of the more... interesting concoctions. So, to kick off the fall season, FinanceBuzz partnered with Trader Joe’s to hold a contest to find its next “Pumpkin Spice Bundit”.

The lucky winner would become Trader Joe’s fall taste tester, try out all its new pumpkin spice products, and win a $500 gift card to spend on all the autumnal groceries their heart desires.

4. Happily Ever After? (PETA)

In an act to raise awareness of animal neglect, PETA reimagined Disney pups as dejected write-offs.

With graphics illustrated by Tiani Hernandez, the Lady and the Tramp are refused their affectionate pasta kiss, the puppies from 101 Dalmatians are confined to wired cages, and Slinky from “Toy Story,” is cast out from Andy’s party.

These drawings successfully brought a tear to my eye by visualizing animal cruelty with my childhood mascots.

3. The Simfluencers (Depop)

Do you ever get tired of sifting through clothing racks, and languishing in the dressing room? The cement weight of fatigue from pulling on coats, and zipping up trousers?

Well, Depop can help you emotionally decompress, and not in the way you might expect. Using the Metaverse, Depop has collaborated with the designers at Sims, to create four new characters, which you can buy in Sim 4’s “High School Years Expansion Pack”.

Depop’s top five Instagram influencers and sellers have designed VR clothes, that are worn and hyped by Sims. You can find these “Simfluencers” in the game’s new thrift store and boba hangout.

2. The Plant Paramedics (Patch Plants)

For a lot of Millennials nowadays – myself included – our plants are like our babies. And so, when we leave our homes for a long time, we worry if our plants will be okay when we come back.

To help ease the pain of leaving your plants home alone, Patch Plant Paramedics remain on standby! With specialist Plant Doctors just a phone call away, your plant can be saved from chronic dehydration fungal growth, and even third-degree sunburn.

Now you can go on holiday guilt-free, knowing your little green companions are in safe hands.

1. Bouquets for Bees (The Last Bunch)

Bumblebees are bubbling with delight just like us! According to, Bees are far more intuitively emotional than we initially thought.

And as you might have heard, bees are dying at unprecedented speeds because of aggregated factors: habitat destruction, global warming, pollution, and more.

So, why not give the bees something a little special, with a cute “beequet”? The Last Bunch has designed miniature bouquets, made from preserved bee-attracting flower varieties that were about to be thrown away.

These beequets are made in partnership with Bees for Development, which is a charity that helps some of the world’s poorest people become self-sufficient through beekeeping.