April gave us the much-needed 4-day Easter break, and it also gave us some incredible PR campaigns that deserve a shoutout.

We saw the launch of a café fit for the queen’s four-legged friends, a new purse made to keep your fried chicken warm, and BBQ sauces made using a world-famous Irish stout...

6. The Corgi Café (Pop + Bark)

Last month, we welcomed the launch of the Queen’s own perfume for dogs. And this month, we’re celebrating the arrival of the UK’s first Corgi Café.

To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, London will see the launch of a pop-up café like no other from the 29th May at The Refinery at Bankside. All corgis are welcome at the event, which will be serving up puppuccinos, playtime, and pupcakes for all.

Event organisers Pop + Bark claim that ‘Breed-specific events are known to be the perfect way to socialise your dog whether they’re an excitable puppy or older pet’. There’s no official word on whether other breeds can come too, but to be safe it’s best to keep the huskies at home while we rejoice in celebrating Miss Liz’s pup of choice.

For humans, there’ll be a hefty menu with brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, and cocktails on offer, while the dog-friendly goodies will be provided by The Doggy Bakery and The Crafty Dog Co. And speaking of dog-friendly…

5. Most Dog-Friendly Countries (The Swiftest)

The Swiftest, a San Fransisco-based insurance research and analytics company, conducted a study assessing the best and worst countries for dogs.

They combined 8 ranking factors, including animal rights, vet availability, risk of rabies, and pet-friendly hotels, to devise the ultimate Dog-Friendly Country Index.

The results show that the happiest place in the world for dogs is Italy, followed by New Zealand and France, with the UK taking fourth place. So, if you’re in Italy and you have a dog, congratulazioni! Your dog is happier than mine.

4. KFC ‘Wrapuette’ Handbag (KFC)

After so many years of anguish, we finally have the perfect solution to one of the world’s most distressing crises: cold KFC.

The ‘KFC Artisans’ have been hard at work lately designing a new way to keep your Twister Wrap hot as you take it on the go. The Wrapuette Handbag is modelled after the icon Y2K Baguette and branded with the legendary grin of the Colonel himself.

KFC’s most luxurious offering since the Double Down, the swanky chicken carrier is available for just £198 - what a steal! Mad disappointed we didn’t see this at the Met Gala this week.

Unlike a lot of digital PR campaigns where major brands promote outlandish new products - this one is actually on sale. All proceeds will go to The KFC Foundation, which supports grassroots non-profits to empower young people across the UK.

3. The UK’s Favourite Takeaways (Vodafone)

Perhaps KFC isn’t your idea of ‘finger licking good’ - and last month, Vodafone was curious to find out what is.

To celebrate the launch of their ‘Vodafone Together’ scheme with JustEat, which gifts customers a £12 voucher for takeaways, Vodafone conducted a survey to find out the top takeaway picks across the country.

A slick interactive map lets you click on different UK regions to find out the top five takeaway choices, the average number of times people get takeaways in a month, and what the £12 VeryMe voucher can get you at your local chippy.

London’s favourite takeaway is pizza, with the average Londoner ordering in 3.6 times a month. London’s fourth favourite takeaway, fish and chips, costs £9.20 on average.

In the Southwest, Chinese food is the takeaway of choice - matching the nationwide favourite. People in the Southwest get takeaways twice per month on average, but they’re paying a tad more for their fish and chips, at £9.60 on average.

The study revealed lots of interesting insights. For example, Londoners spend about £73.70 on takeaways each month, which is £20 more than the national average.

31% of UK adults always go for the same place, while one in four adults just go for the closest option every time. Friday is more popular than Saturday for takeaways, while 9% of those surveyed prefer Wednesday as their takeaway day as a midweek treat.

2. Jetflix (My Baggage)

My Baggage is a door-to-door delivery service serving expats, students, sports teams, and more providing an affordable and efficient solution for shipping personal belongings, and they’re also helping keen travellers choose their next destination with their latest unique campaign.

Jetflix is a quiz that will help you choose your dream holiday spot based on your Netflix habits. Don’t worry - the quiz doesn’t use any of your sacred Netflix data - instead it asks you questions about what genres you enjoy, what you look for in a Netflix show, and more, to find the perfect US getaway for you.

I put it to the test, selecting Horror, Thriller, and Mystery as my top genres; stating I’d like to feel ‘Apprehensive’ and ’Scared’ when watching Netflix (who doesn’t?!); and that I’d like a remote destination in the winter. The results seem to add up, and it looks like I’ll be heading to the Lake of the Ozarks this Christmas.

1. Guinness BBQ Sauce (Guinness)

Digital PR product launches don’t have to just be over-the-top stunts and weird, oftentimes revolting recipes. Sometimes, it can be a legit masterpiece of a product that we never knew we needed. The proof is in the sauce.

Just in time for BBQ season, Guinness recently unveiled a new product that’s sure to delight stout-lovers this spring, in the form of two delectable sauces. Guinness’ Smoky BBQ Sauce and Smoky Tomato Ketchup are available now, and we get the feeling they might stick around longer than your typical Digital PR product.

Guinness has long been used in homemade sauces, but this is the first time the Irish stout giants themselves have gotten amongst it and released their own concoction. The sauces are available exclusively from Tesco. Every tipple helps.